We hear this same old story from clients of ours multiple times every week. You spend hours at a dealership checking out cars, talking numbers, applying for financing, arm wrestling a dozen managers and a few hours later when you finally get to the finance office…you realize that there are tons of hidden fees that nobody told you about before you wasted all this time and energy. You thought you had a deal worked out!

Sadly this type of crap happens all the time and it must work on some people because there are many dealers that still charge all kinds of hidden fees and never tell customers about these fees until they’ve invested many hours of their time.

This used to be a thing that you heard about with car dealers who specialize in bad credit financing, but now many new car franchised dealers have gotten in on the fun and are starting to mistreat their customers as well.

Here are a few tips from the guys and gals down at eimports4Less that will help save you some time and frustration:

  1. Always ask for the exact total price before going to the dealership. Just ask for the total sale price as if you’re paying cash and just bringing a check in with you. Ask for the total and then the exact breakdown of the items. You need to know the sale price, sales tax, registration, etc. Get that before you leave your home. If a dealer won’t give you that…just move on. You time is too important to waste it there.
  2. Get the exact pricing in writing. Ask for a text or email with the exact numbers so you can plainly see all expenses in black and white.
  3. Always check the dealership’s online reviews. Dig deep into the dealer’s history and you can usually spot a bad dealer pretty quickly. You’ll find many reviews like the ones below with people claiming they were being asked to pay a bunch of nonsense fees.




Dealers that do business like this aren’t worth dealing with and they certainly don’t deserve your business.

Car Pro Tip: Do as much research on the dealer as you did on the vehicle that you want to purchase. Finding the right dealer is just as important as finding the right vehicle.